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When we founded 2Lokas, we knew that paying it forward would be a critical part of our mission and business model.  And, not just an afterthought, but rather a fully integrated component of our projects…and our work.  Thus, we’ll be donating a pre-set amount of our revenues to young social entrepreneurs – tomorrow’s leaders – over the course of each year.  This time around, we’ve vetted and identified two amazing young leaders from India: Sumeet Gade and Aarti Naik.  

We are thrilled that they will receive the very first donation.  They were kind enough to provide some truly inspiring information to us, both about themselves and about their respective causes.  Click on their names below to explore!

Sumeet Gade

At 20 years old, Sumeet began a social venture to bring joy and a sense of hope to children in hospitals in Mumbai.  His social venture – Pragati Holistic Development Trust, facilitates efforts by Sumeet and other youngsters he recruits, to engage children in hospitals with various lighthearted activities that help them feel safe, more at home, and forget their pain at least temporarily, in an often depressing and intimidating environment.  Sumeet’s work which began as a lone, unsupported journey is now welcomed by the hospital staff and families of the children as it often helps improve the speed of recovery and the implementation of treatment for the child.  And all of this amazing stuff goes on in spite and amidst Sumeet’s own personal struggles and challenges!  Talk about hope for the future.

Read Sumeet’s Q&A and learn more here.


Aarti Naik  

There are a numerous challenges and barriers to education, especially as a young girl living in the slums of Mumbai.  Yet,  after initially dropping out, at 20, Aarti resolved that getting an education is not only critical for her, it was important for other girls in her community.  Thus began her own journey and her venture – Sakhi for Girls Education.  Aarti is now a Sakhi (meaning female friend) to more than 100 girls on improving their basic literacy and numeracy skills.  Integral to her efforts are also helping them build the confidence to believe they can and should do it for themselves.  We were blown away with the the thought that even at such a young age, Aarti began her transformation from the inside out.   Now, that is some serious girl power.

Read Aarti’s Q&A and learn more here.

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