We asked, you decided!

Cue the drum roll…  Or some “Blurred Lines” beats!

We know you’ve all been waiting (perhaps with bated breath?) to find out the name of our second character.  For some reason, settling on the name of the younger sister – Leela – was a simple endeavor.  However, we’ve been torn about what to name the older sister for several weeks.  Well, with the help of our fabulous blog followers and readers, we finally settled on a name suggested by one of you! 🙂   Interestingly, the name we selected wasn’t even one of our top three.  It has both a cross-over vibe and certainly is common in India.  But, it’s also common in many other cultures around the world.

sketch of Leela by Alyssa (our illustrator)

We’d like to formally introduce you to Maya + Leela!  Sweet sisters and silly adventurers.  Playful, enthusiastic, curious, and strong (of course!).  A huge thank you, gracias, and merci to those who voted via Survey Monkey, or other cool and modern means.  Oh, how we love ourselves a good survey!  We appreciate your input and, quite honestly, had a great time sifting through and “analyzing” the results, including the write-in names…of which there were many!  Feel free to claim victory if its your pick!  For next time, we will remember to give you the option of including your name on the survey so we can offer you a better, more formal shout-out.  We look forward to sharing more details about Maya and Leela in future posts and on our website.

Happy Wednesday!
K + M


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