They are here (!) + other musings

You read it.  The books have finally arrived!  WE did it and we mean you too! 

Thanks to the groundswell of support and good cheer that we received via our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, and even otherwise, 2014 is off to a fantasmic start!  The New Year calls for some new words…

Since our last post:

  • We had a good run on Indiegogo, raising a little more than 10K for our venture!  We didn’t reach our goal, but we consider it a good start.
  • We got the book to the printer, reviewed the proof and now its here all shiny and fresh off the presses! Woot.
  • and I (Malini) just got back from our first trip to India with the little one.   Thankfully, we made it there and back with him in one piece! 🙂 

Speaking of India, my trip only reinforced to me the necessity of what we are trying to do with the Little Loka Series.  Although things in India are rapidly changing in bittersweet ways (in my humble opinion), it has always been deeply comforting to me to go to a place where no one struggles with my name or cultural background and interests.

Given the growing diversity that is reflected in the names we hear, and the cultures that we are exposed to here in the U.S. beyond those of Indian descent, why not create more products that reflect that understanding?  How amazing would it be to see a traditional folk dance from another country on mainstream TV or see even more “ethnic” sounding, non-stereotyped characters on shows?  I think there is space for all of this and more in a world that we would like to see.  And now more than ever after my trip, I see our work as taking a step towards that ideal, pluralistic reality.

We still have TONS to do which include:

  • fulfilling perks from the campaign
  • setting up a new site and online store for the book
  • marketing and promoting the book far and wide (we would love your help on this one!)
  • and well, it goes on and on…

We hope to get back to our regular updates now.  We hope that your 2014 has gotten off to a beautiful start and wish you all good things for the rest of the year.

We also hope you will stay with us on this adventure and we invite you to send us any thoughts, ideas, jokes (we love jokes) you have for us along the way!

Malini Sekhar

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