The Work-Life Conundrum (re-visited)


So, it’s been a while since we’ve posted and we sincerely apologize to our fellow readers, blog followers, and 2Loka’ers.  With the arrival of our books, we’ve been so dedicatedly focused on getting our online store and the accompanying content up and running that we haven’t had a spare moment to sit and do what we love — write (or rather, ramble with such passionate fury, ha!).  

Anyway, perfect segway into today’s post about that perhaps hackneyed, over-used, but always so completely relevant word: balance

I recently came across a wonderful piece on Women 2.0, a site that I encourage everyone to visit from time to time, or more often if time allows.  The article, written by Jessica Steel, President of UrbanSitter (and previously in charge of Business Development at Pandora), touches on that balance so many of us struggle to find, as working mothers…and, in some cases, as working mothers pursuing additional entrepreneurial ambitions on top of everything else.  

While she spent a number of years chasing professional dreams and achieving unbelievable successes along the way in the highly male-dominated Silicon Valley, she soon came to realize that she was missing out on important moments with her young son who was two at the time.  It was time to unwind, re-visit the balance equation (or the pendulum strategy, as she refers to it), and start off on a new path

As I sit here in front of three different computers – the PC I use for my full-time job, the MacBook Pro I use for everything else (my right brain machine, if you will), and the beast of a desktop that my husband and I share, I wonder…what is the answer?  I have a two-year old as well.  But I also love being a professional.  And, I want to grow 2Lokas and our burgenoning Little Loka™ Series into something substantially more influential.  How do I juggle it all, while also supporting my loved ones, including my husband and son, in their own journeys and growth.  

As women and as mothers, we’re often expected to care for the home, which is wonderfully empowering, yet also frustrating at times.  But, add to that equation work, external and interests of innovation, and “me” time and things get a bit more complicated.  Primarily because it seems that there’s still that expectation that we do it all – and superbly well – even though we’re out and about trekking through the streets of the big city, trying to impress the C-suite leaders and clingers in a charcoal-colored suit.

Steel rather effortlessly makes the point that the key to it all is to make sure it’s a team effort.  And, I’m starting to think this is the approach I should follow.  Scratch that…the approach I WILL follow.  In the world of management consulting, teamwork is the only way things get done.  We’re constantly coming together and hashing out problems, many of which wouldn’t be resolved without minds, in the plural.  So, yes, surrounding yourself with people at work, including within the realm of 2Lokas, who understand and can empathize with the challenges you’re facing is paramount.  But, bringing that mentality home and communicating its value is just as important as well.  

I guess this is all to say that finding balance is not rocket science.  True, there are loads of articles and publications written about it.  But it’s not an absolute.  Rather, it’s how you approach the priorities in your life.  And, doing it alongside others is a heck of a lot easier than doing it alone.  Here here, Jessica Steele.  Now, we just need to come up with a plan to eventually expand our 2Lokas vision!  Since we clearly don’t have enough on our plate, ha.  🙂


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