You Decide the Name of One of Our Characters!

As we mentioned in our invite, we want this journey to be interactive for you.  Of course, you’re always welcome to follow our journey with a bucket of popcorn and be entertained (hopefully) by our successes, setbacks, and other hiccups along the way.  And yes, you can laugh at us too.  But if you are up for getting involved – here’s your chance!
Below is a poll/survey to decide on one of the names of our characters.  This is huge.  We have decided that the Little Loka™ series will follow two sisters through their adventures.  We want the names of our characters to reflect two different cultures.  The younger sister’s name is Leela, which is a fairly common Indian name that literally means “play,” but has deeper interpretations.   We need your help in deciding the older sister’s name, which we want to be non-Indian.  You can either choose from a few names that we have selected or you can come up with your own and we may use that!  The only criteria we hope you will keep in mind are:  1. It should be a non-Indian name (you know what we mean and no offense intended); 2. It should be easy for younger children to say; and 3. It should work well with the name, Leela.  That’s it.  Your input may be forever captured in this book series! 
Oh yes, and we will keep the survey open for TWO WEEKS, until August 13, and then go from there.


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