Jumping in head first, here we go-go!

It’s always refreshing (and often giggle-inducing) to hear other people talking about “keeping it real.”  It’s often harder to do for oneself.  Still, the time has come for 2Lokas to keep it real.

That’s why we have decided to test the merit of our Little Loka™ multicultural book venture by preparing to launch a crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo that will go live next week!

For those of you who may be unfamiliar, crowdfunding or crowd-sourced fundraising is defined by Wikipedia 🙂 as, “the collective effort of individuals who network and pool their money, usually via the Internet, to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations.”

There are many platforms that facilitate this process and sponsor fantastic projects like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, StartSomeGood, etc.  After a fair amount of research, we decided to go with Indiegogo primarily because they would allow us to financially support a good cause, in addition to our product (Kickstarter doesn’t).  We also have the option on Indiegogo of keeping the funds that we do raise even if we don’t meet our ultimate campaign goal.   Keep in mind that one does pay fees with most of these platforms to host a fundraising campaign.

Why did we choose to go the crowdfunding route?  Great question even if you didn’t actually ask it.   We decided to go with crowdfunding for three reasons.  First, because we invested some of our own money already to get this project off the ground, but to make it a successful reality (via ebook AND print AND supporting a social cause) requires more funding.   Second, is that we want to see if enough people are actually interested in the book series, our business-social model, and our vision to go the distance.  In less colorful terms – we need to prove our concept!  Lastly, if we can indeed prove our concept, we will propel the support and backing we receive, to move forward with work on future Little Loka™ books and projects aligned with our vision.  So that’s what we will try and do via Indiegogo in the coming weeks.

If we are still keeping it real, we should also admit that setting up a crowdfunding campaign is not as easy as it seems.  So far, LONG weeks have gone into setting our goal, telling our story, and creating and properly accounting for perks/rewards that we hope you will find appealing, including the first book!

We are grateful for AMAZING help so far from a wonderful network of family and friends who have helped us in this pre-launch process ranging from video work to looking at the rewards/perks to a few wonderful organizations who have agreed to contribute an awesome perk to the cause.

We plan to launch our Indiegogo campaign early next week.  We will be sure to share details about it with you here as well as send a barrage of messages to everyone, anyone, and everything we can think of.   There will also be some snapshots from the book and other illustrations on our campaign site that will give you a taste of our first book on Dances of India!  Did we mention you will also be able to order the book there? 🙂 

We hope you will consider supporting our efforts if you believe in what we are creating and in the direction we are headed.

IT’S ON and by now, we suspect that for better or for worse, you are in IT with us.

Let’s do this!  (Can you tell we both played on a sports team together?)


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