Introducing Our Little Loka!

ourlittleloka screen shotIt took a little longer than was ideal, but our non-techie selves have finally set-up and launched our online store and experience for the book, Maya and Leela Present: Dances of India!  The site is called – Our Little Loka  and we would love for you to take a look and perhaps even buy a book or share with friends who you think may be interested!

Board books are both challenging and extremely exciting because of the audience.  While our target audience is Ages 0-4, this age group most often implies the involvement of and sharing with parents, teachers and other grown-ups.  Realizing that, our goal was always to appeal to both groups.  That means, we had to keep the book simple and fun but also provide opportunities for more learning and exploration for both groups if there is interest.  Thus, Our Little Loka (means world in Sanskrit by the way!) was born and in doing that we realized that ours is no ordinary board book..

That is not to say that we are the Queen Bees of board book creation.  🙂 Far from it. I think Sandra Boynton owns that.  Yet we realized that we may be offering more than just a board book in the sense of doing three things:

1.  We are offering a unique cultural experience for this age group through this book that we have had a hard time finding elsewhere (heck, we wouldn’t have done this if we had found it elsewhere!);

2.  We are facilitating a way for grown-ups to continue the exploration and fun with their little ones online on our site –; and

3.  We are hoping to empower the next generation of social change agents through our giving component.

So, a few more words than ideal to say that we are selling books now on that site and we thank you all for the support and good wishes that have gotten us this far in our journey!

Also, we are getting great feedback so far and would love to hear feedback and thoughts (even if not pretty) that you may have.

We have reached another milestone together, can’t wait to see what’s next for 2Lokas and for you!



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