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  1. Hi Sir,
    My name is Shashwathi Sandeep and I work with ‘Parent Circle’, a three year old parenting magazine based in Chennai, India.
    We cover all issues related to parenting and for our October issue, we are writing an article on Aarti Naik and I spoke to her. She sent me a few pics, the resolution was not that good though.
    I would be truly grateful if you could grant us the permission to use the picture you have taken.
    Will be awaiting a positive response from you Sir.

    • Hi Shashwati,
      My sincerest apologies for not responding sooner. For some reason, I had not seen this comment until now. I do not possess the permissions for these photos (Aarti does) but if she grants permission, you are welcome to pull from our site. Thanks – 2lokas team

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