Celebrating Progress…and more!


So close!  It’s so exhilarating to see the finish line in sight.  It really is.  It seems like just yesterday that we were setting up our LLC and bank account, and learning the ins and outs of publishing, and self-publishing, in particular.  

For those of you who’ve been following our journey, it’s been quite an adventure. And, it certainly hasn’t disappointed.  In the least.  We’ve gone from drafting the text for four different books about India, to selecting an illustrator and printer, to designing two logos and thinking about the associated branding, to having almost all of the illustrations in place alongside lettering. And a back cover. And a spine!

Celebrating the little (and big) things.  It’s so important in the start-up world.  🙂 Well, in any professional (and personal) endeavor for that matter.  

Anyway, we figured we’d give you a brief update on where things are and which items we’ve officially checked off our seemingly endless to-do list.  So, here goes!

We’ve solidified a printer that’s fabulous.  This was one of the most challenging pieces, as printing is expensive.  Not to mention finding someone who would actually print board books.  We may or may not have mentioned this, oh, 17 times before. But, it was definitely worth it to do our due diligence and find a company that’s responsive and that can deliver high-quality products at a reasonable price. We actually Skyped with our printing point of contact last week and it just made it feel so real.  She’s so wonderful, warm, and professional, it’s truly been a blessing.  

As mentioned, we (and, by we, we mean our illustrator) are finalizing the illustrations, which will include a combination of digital and watercolor images. Every time Alyssa sends us another email with the PDF of the most current version of the book, we giddily smile.  It’s like opening up a present – you know what might be inside, but you’re still curious and excited.  That feeling of being a kid again.  We also hired a copy editor to review the book and selected the font we’ll be using.  After looking at several options, there was one in particular that we all agreed on.  So, that was it.  Done.  And done.  Clean but playful…exactly what we were going for.

We’ve also been working feverishly on our Indiegogo campaign.  Yes, we’re launching one…in 2 weeks!  So, stay tuned for additional details.  It’s been a lot of fun preparing our pitch, storyboarding and shooting the video, and developing the rest of the content for the campaign.  Although, it’s also been a bit overwhelming. Identifying and pricing perks is not for the faint of heart, mainly because there clearly is a significant amount of estimating that goes into the totals.  And dreams of big and bigger things.  We’ve come to have a new appreciation for anyone who’s leveraged any type of crowdfunding platform to raise funds for a cause, project, or product.  

And…drumroll, finally, for those of you in the Washington, DC area, we’re planning an unofficial but kind of official preview party for our first book on the Dances of India.  We’ve reserved a spot at the always glorious Indique Heights and will be showcasing components of our book, along with providing all kinds of opportunities to indulge in a little youthful play and dance.  While we had hoped to be able to be able to sell copies of the book, between our tight schedule and our upcoming trips to India (!), it’s been difficult.  BUT, the good news is they’ll be available very soon!

Anyway, it’s been a lot of work, that’s for sure.  But, it’s worth it.  It always is.  There’s something so wonderful about putting so much effort, time, and resources into something you’re truly passionate about.  It makes all those nights at Tysons Galleria (our go-to meeting spot) so totally worth it.  Yep, it always is.

And, on that note, here’s to reaching the finish line soon.  To following through on our 2Lokas vision.  And, to creating a new finish line as we continue down this path we stepped onto almost 7 months ago.  🙂


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