About 2Lokas

Bringing Worlds Together

2Lokas is a newly launched children’s book venture aimed at providing children between the ages of 0 and 4 with an engaging and (hopefully!) exciting multicultural learning experience through print and digital books – all authored by us!  After having our own children, we quickly realized that, although there are wonderful books focused on cultural topics for older children, there appeared to be a notable gap for the 0-4 age group.  From there, the idea for 2Lokas and The Little Loka Series – formerly known as CB Project (how clever, eh?) – were born!  

And, because we’re incredibly passionate about social change and making a difference in these beautiful yet complex worlds of ours, we’ve established this venture as a social enterprise.  What exactly does that mean?  Well, our goal is to provide a pre-determined portion of the proceeds specifically to young social entrepreneurs who are pursuing their own innovative projects and dreams, both in the United States and around the world.

Though our launching point is around this children’s book venture, our motto – bringing worlds together – may inspire us to expand into other areas.  We are ready and excited for whatever comes next!

Get to know more about the Co-Founders, Malini and Kyra, here!


    • Thanks for the comment, much appreciated! We’re so excited that you, and others, are interested in getting involved.

  1. What a wonderful idea! Starting young before bias get built in is a terrific strategy. Look forward to seeing your products

    • Exactly our thinking. 🙂 It’s also amazing how much they’re able to absorb at such a young age.

  2. This is fantastic! There is indeed a lack of multi-cultural books for the littlest ones. I’m looking forward to your books – and hearing about the process.

    • We’re truly looking forward to it as well and appreciate your interest!

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